Stress Test – Review By Paul Krugman

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Tim Geithner

I thought Tim Geithner’s book “Stress Test: Reflections on Financial Crises” was an impressive contribution to the understanding of the 2008 Great Recession.  I think Paul Krugman’s review was a little harsh on Geithner.  Then again, Paul Krugman has no problem hammering people for being “wrong” according to him.  Krugman always being so adamant irritates me sometimes; however, he does make very good points in the review worth considering.





Nigeria the Future – South Africa the Past

As an American with dual citizenship reading this article about South Africa’s prospects saddens me.  My country of birth has so much potential.  Their biggest hurdle to greater prosperity remains a lack to true statesmen.

See Financial Times Article: http://www.fin24.com/Economy/Nigeria-the-future-SA-the-past-economist-20140207#.UvTSSJCGVJQ.


Skewed: Income Inequality in America

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This is a very thoughtful graphic by Jaelynn Ficarra of www.financedegreecenter.com.

Graphic: http://www.financedegreecenter.com/income-inequality/



KUGN Radio Interviews with Riaan Nel

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Below is a link to my radio interviews on KUGN with Storm Kennedy and Grant McHill on financial and economic issues.  The first interview was on the government shutdown and the debt ceiling debate in October.  The second interview was on the retiring Baby Boom generation.  And the third interview was on the role of the Federal Reserve.

Link: http://www.sanddollar-retirement.com/


Why JP Morgan is JP Morgan

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Great article by James Kwak on the blog site The Baseline Scenario: http://baselinescenario.com/2013/11/27/why-jpmorgan-is-jpmorgan/