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PIMCO’s Secular Outlook: Policy Confusion & Inflection Points

by admin in Global Investments

Mohamed El-Erian

Dr. Mohamed A. El-Erian is the CEO and co-CIO of PIMCO, a global investment management firm and one of the world’s largest bond investors with approximately $1.77 trillion of assets under management.  Every year PIMCO invites colleagues from around the world to debate the major trends that will play out over the next three to five years, focusing not on what should happen, but what is likely to happen.  Based on the 2012 Secular Forum discussions, PIMCO expects three themes to play out:  continued policy and political confusion, overly incremental public and private sector responses and, therefore, greater potential for inflection points.  Read entire outlook here:  http://www.pimco.com/EN/insights/pages/policy-confusions-and-inflection-points.aspx